Vendor Spotlight: Build It Right Woodworking

Five Questions with Annie and Brien Kirkpatrick How long have you been making wood furniture and how did you get started? We have been making cutting boards for almost four years now, we have been making our larger pieces – tables, islands and countertops – for about two years. How long does a typical piece take you to make? It…
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Vendor Spotlight: Jim James Creations

Five Questions with Jim James How long have you been making wood bowels and how did you get started? My wife purchased my first wood lathe about nine years ago for my birthday and retirement and to keep me out of the house. How long does a typical bowl take you to make? Every bowl is different size, shape,…
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Vendor Spotlight: Foxbairn

Four Questions with Brianna Kelley How long have you been making paper goods and how did you get started? I’ve been making paper goods and other lifestyle products for two years now. I started in the industry after designing the paper goods for a friend’s wedding. I have a background degree in graphic design, which certainly helps!…
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Vendor Spotlight: Briar Patch Market

Four Questions with Tara Shelton How would you describe your booth and products? This year we are excited to display a wide range of new items that include antiques and the latest unusual items to hit the market. The booth will be modeled after a vintage street side shop and offer our largest booth ever. What…
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Vendor Spotlight: Mark Art Pottery

Four Questions with Mark Fuller How long have you been making pottery and how did you get started? Pottery is a life-long learning avocation; I learn from each pot and every firing. I began studying art in 1963 at Del City High School with Montee Hoke. In 1965, I started doing art shows at the Downtown Arts…
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Vendor Spotlight: Crooked Arrow Cowhides

Five Questions with Michelle Kelber How long have you been making products out of cowhide and how did you get started? I have been selling  cowhide rugs for 10 years.  We incorporated the laser machine a year ago to start customizing things. How long does it take you to make a typical purse? From design start…
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Vendor Spotlight: Kaleidoscopes by Coleman

Our November show is less than a month away and we can’t wait to return to Tulsa. In anticipation, we’ll be introducing you to some of our unique vendors, favorite vendors and a few first-time vendors in the coming weeks. First up is craftsman Steve Coleman and his booth Kaleidoscopes by Coleman. Five Questions with Steve…
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Makers’ Market features 16 new vendors for November show

Dozens of artists, craftsmen and makers applied to be featured in the second Makers’ Market at the An Affair of the Heart show in Tulsa Nov. 17-19, 2017. Of those, 16 have been selected to sale their handmade goods and wares in the Makers’ Market, presented by Advanced Body Scans. Due to the overwhelming number of talented…
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Vendor promotional opportunity

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